A quick trip to the mall :)

Hey there lovely readers,

You must know by now that the best treatment for me as a shopaholic is to go shopping ! Even if I don’t by anything I love to do some window shopping to know what is new in the fashion industry and what are the latest trends and collections of my favorite stores and designers .

A quick visit to the shopping mall yesterday made my heart beats rise and fall seeing all the goodies that  I saw and update my fashion sense and soul with the sweetness of those lovely pieces . So let’s share this lovely experience together …

My journey started at Neiman Marcus , one of my favorite all time mega stores in any mall . With this store combines all my favorite brands like CHANEL , Balenciaga , Valentino and Gucci I really can spend hours walking in and never get enough ! They have up to 25% sales right now but as a fashionista who all into what’s new , I visited the New arrivals section and forgot all about the sale 🙂

Can you imagine being in a mall with HERMES store there without visiting it ? Hell NO !!! I went in specially for the latest in their lovely collection of famous bracelets and loved the variety of colors and sizes they have .

Ended my shopping trip at Coach where I got those cute bracelets than can be a unique glamourous arm candy to rock this season …

This was my trip to the mall .. I think every fashionista needs that refreshing treatment from time to time .what do you think ?



5 responses to “A quick trip to the mall :)”

  1. I love window shopping, but sometimes it just breaks my heart! amazing bags! 🙂


  2. Love going shopping it makes me happy 🙂

  3. Going shopping is always fun! I’m glad you had a good time!



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