My First Video !

I’ve been wanting to make videos for the blog for a long time and finally I became strong enough to do it ! It’s not as easy as taking photos ( As it was expected ) but I think it should be fine! Now the Video is not ready yet but I decided to share the crazy moments I had making it before I publish it next week ! So have fun 🙂

Music is : Upside down by Paloma Faith




14 responses to “My First Video !”

  1. peace love says:

    heeeyy gorgeos .. glad to be the first !

    its @toubified ..

    loved ur video ,, was funny that made me laugh while im not in the mood to .. ‘nyways .. keep goin .. waiting for the next <3

  2. Nadia Bayer says:

    nice begaining …. good luck… i guess am de first one to post a comment 4 u … luv u

  3. Ekram says:

    nuha i love you so much.. I like how original and unique ur mashallah
    keep up the good work <3

  4. You made me happy with ur video! i swear ur perfect just the way you are♡ go ahead and jump into it do beauty guru vids i know you’ll can do it , we loveyou noha xx hope someday you follow me on insta ..

  5. Shedowh says:

    Noha to be honest you’re my inspiration.
    You’re the person I wanna be well let’s say 8 years from now.

    A fashionista who lives in America that has a really good accent consedering she’s from Arab country.

    No matter what haters say. You’re life is epic. Not anyone can just easily take good care of two kids *god bless them* n’ study despite that stay fit & good looking.

    Keep it going you beauty guru.

    Ps; am 15 if you’re confused about the 8 years later.
    Well Y’know my life will kinda start then.

    Have a good day goerges.

  6. hehe !! so adorable !!! once my frnd nd i tried making a video nd it was the most awkward moment of our lives !!! u reminded me of that day !!

  7. Dalooliiii says:

    Nohaaaa a7beeech t’hableen walah keep going! Zooqa mashala..Ur accent wl voice sar 3amreki kashkhaaaa hahaha xxx
    It’s me Dalal Alraqqas : @dalooliiii in instagram ;*



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