Al-Ostoura “Slice of Fashion” Event

Hello Lovelies ,

With only two days left for my trip going back to the US I wanted to enjoy every single day with the amazing people here in Kuwait. Last night was so special as this event was the last one for me to attend during this visit and lucky me it was the yummiest too!

Al-Ostoura is one of the biggest Multi brands stores in Kuwait and every event they do is just so successful and fabulous. This one was held under the name ” Slice of fashion”. The theme was all about cake, cookies and sweet! Between the fashionable shaped cakes and the glamorous outfits worn by the guests, it felt like being in heaven!

I was wearing /

The 17th store : Top and Skirt
Prada : bag
JeLALA : Earrings
Iconic : heels


4 responses to “Al-Ostoura “Slice of Fashion” Event”

  1. Mia says:

    OMG this is art!

    Kiss ♥
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  2. such a cool event & love the idea of bubble thoughts!

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  3. Judy Hull says:

    Such a beautiful photos! Lovely prada bag! Where to buy it?
    Thanks for vista my blog!

  4. Daniel Tyler says:

    Nice Post, especially her earrings inspired me.

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