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Hello dolls!

I’m finally back to blogging after being MIA for the last three months. If you are following me on Instagram you should know about the latst updates in my crazy busy life! I’m happy to announce that my family and I are expecting baby number 3 this Winter and we couldn’t feel more blessed.

So many things happened since I knew I’m pregnant on March. We had to prepare for our summer trip to Kuwait and I was busy planning and preparing for my own new website after 3 years of blogging on blogspot! I’m just so excited and can’t wait to share more outfit posts, fashion tips and videos with you on my new website!

Now what’s better than sharing some of my favorite moments of the baby shower I had back home in Kuwait on my first post?

I really wanted to have some special moments with my family and friends before leaving Kuwait two weeks ago and my family decided to throw me the best Baby Shower ever! Now the concept of  a baby shower is not very common back home as Kuwaiti families usually have a big reception for the baby after giving birth and not before but again I really wanted to see my family and friends and celebrate this event with them before leaving back to the states where I’m going to give birth on December.

It was nice to see everyone and catch up with my girls one last time before my trip.


Now that I’m back! Stay tuned for more posts soon!






11 responses to “My Baby Shower”

  1. Husseini says:

    Dear Noha
    I am huge fan of yours
    i wish you a and the baby the best insha allah !
    I hope you blog more!
    bigg greeting from Holland

  2. Rose says:

    I Loved your look so much! You’re stunning and I hope you enjoyed your vacation with your family and friends and wish you all the best in your life and god bless you and your babies, I love your posts and blog so much. And we are excited just like you to see your website pretty noha! <3

  3. تحرير المطيري says:

    عسسسى الله يهون عليج ويقومج بالسلامه ❤️

  4. Anonymous says:

    تجننييين. عسل عسى الله يوفقك

  5. Anonymous says:

    الله يهون عليك ، انا سعوديه متابعه لك بالحيل ، وبصراحه ذوق وادب

  6. hanan says:

    Lovely personality > I like your posts and everything you do NOHA <you are such a inspiration ,alla bless u.
    we love u so much.
    hanan from UAE

  7. Anonymous says:

    this is my first time to hear sbout baby shower .. would u please just explain what’s that party .. what we should do .. Is this Arabian custom ? tell us more I really like it

  8. Esraaloaiy says:

    الله يقومك بالسلامة يارب

  9. Anonymous says:

    تقومين لنا بالسلامة وتقر عينك بشوفت نونتك يمك بصحة وسلامة

  10. shikha says:

    الله يحفظج و يحفظلج عيالج

  11. Ghalia says:

    ما شاء الله والحمد لله ان البيبي وصل بالسلامة وانك بخير وطبعا انا حاسه فيك الغربه صعبه خصوصا بالظروف تبعت الحمل وانك تكوني بعيدة ومافي احد يكون جنبك دي صعبه بحذ ذاتها لكن الله يهون عليكي ان شاء الله والريسبشن كان روووعة والتفاصيل تبعت الاكل تهبل ما شاء الله ربي يسعدك دووووم ولا يغير عليكي

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