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Hello guys,

Despite the fact that I’m 35  weeks pregnant which is officially 9 months, I wanted to attend my friend’s engagement dinner and dress that bump a little bit!

I really feel huge at this point and it seems impossible to find something comfortable yet stylish for such an occasion but thanks god for online shopping right?! I found this cute lace top dress at Asos maternity and couldn’t feel any better.

I wore it with those killer golden sandals from Zara and my new favorite clutch from the one and only talented designer LyaLya.

You want to still feel pretty after all you know!

P.s ; I really hate the roots of my hair right now! Can’t wait to do some touchups this week 🙁

I’m wearing /

Asos (Maternity) : Dress

LyaLya : Clutch

Zara : Sandals


8 responses to “Dress that bump”

  1. مي says:


  2. Manal_ksa says:

    Lots of love from Jeddah to Blacksburg ❤️❤️

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really likes you’r taste of choosing clothes, shoes and the whol look, keep it up

  4. Suzie Dib says:

    MashaAllah ❤️. You look great sweetie.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The main thing that make you prettier is your pregnant:(

  6. Vesna says:

    Tried to watch your latest you tube video, but I was only able to turn on the automatic english subtitles, which didn’t make sense at all. I know you did subtitles yourself for the first video, is it the same now but I just can’t find them or are there only automatic ones this time? Thanks.

    • noha says:

      Unfortunately there is only automatic subtitles this time 🙁
      I promise to work on the subtitles more in the next videos and might make some in English too!
      Thank you for following XOXO

  7. shikha says:

    يعني الصراحه نهى تهبلين اللوك تحطيييييم

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