Pregnancy tag Video

Hello guys!

Have you checked my latest youtube video? I talked about my pregnancy and answered so many questions about hair color, high heels, diet and my workout routine during pregnancy. You can find the video here so don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel : “Noha Nabil” .

P.s : This one has no english subtitle. I promise to add it on the next videos!





5 responses to “Pregnancy tag Video”

  1. sarah alhajri says:

    You’re inspiring every woman to be stylish in their pregnancy
    Keep going♡
    best wishes for you
    Loves you NOHA

  2. Anfal says:

    نهى قلبي مكياجج روعه بليز شنو تستخدمين فاونديشن علميني

  3. أم رؤى says:

    أستمتع جدًا بمتابعة صفحتك وانستقرامك و المدونة واليوتيوب.. قلبك طاهر يا نهى.. ربي يقومك بالسلامة استمتعت يالفيديو جدًا

  4. ايمان يحيى says:

    نهى وش نسوي عند نبا ندخل ف المسابقة

  5. Anonymous says:

    You look stunning hun 💖 you inspire every women to take care of herself during pregnancy. I really like what you said about pregnancy in one of your vids in youtube , about how you should enjoy every moment during pregnancy and that what most women should do because as you said it temporary 😊 and thank you for sharing your daily routine with us 😚💕 sorry about tgis question but are you planning to have another baby or 3 is enough 😊?

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