In Holiday’s Spirit









Hello guys,

I’m back to doing outfit posts and it feels so good!

I wanted to wait until my full recovery and thanks god I’m feeling much better after three weeks of having my third baby. My family and I are having so much fun trying to communicate with baby “Gooby”. Despite the lack of sleep and the struggle with breastfeeding he’s just perfect!

Anyways, my husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary this week by going out for dinner. It took us only 2 hours before we had to head back home for the next baby feeding but it’s fine! I would love to post my dinner outfit but it was too dark to take good photos so I’m posting my day look of the same date.

Capes are still hot, bows are huge and red is so in so this outfit is just on point for the holidays season ( Except that I still need to loose those extra 8 Kgs :'( )




I’m wearing /

Nasty Gal : Cape

Dolce and Gabbana : Sicily bag

ZARA : Shirt, Jeans and booties






23 responses to “In Holiday’s Spirit”

  1. Rose says:

    SOOOO ELEGANT. Mashallah :* love you

  2. haneen says:

    We miss you:-*

  3. توته says:

    لا اله الا الله ماشاء الله ربي يحفظك ي اجمل نهى

  4. Anonymous says:

    You look so pretty , god bless you
    Love you so much

  5. Anonymous says:

    You look so pretty , god bless you
    Love you so much

  6. Anonymous says:

    نهى ليه ماتكتبن التفاصيل بالعربي

  7. sara says:

    please change the misstake u wrote in “abt me” its path not bath

  8. maramy says:

    ماشاء الله ماخذتي حتى شهر ورجعتي زي قبل شنو السر

  9. __nanoosha says:

    فدووة نهاوي

  10. ريوم says:

    فديييييتتتتك نهى اكتبي اعربي بليز

  11. rawan says:

    ماشاءالله عجييييبب

  12. sara says:

    Amaaazing !!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    طيب اكتبي لنا ب العربي بليييز

  14. نوال says:

    طيب اكتبي لنا ب العربي بليييز

  15. Fate says:

    ماشاء الله تهبلين، الحمدلله على سلامتك <3

  16. Anonymous says:

    يانهى ياقمر اكتبي عربي عاد اجبري خاطرنا

  17. soigfv says:

    بليز حطي بالعربي

  18. Anonymous says:

    Nice look I love it ..
    أحلى لوك

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. Safa says:

    I love you very much

  21. Anonymous says:

    نهاوي احبجج ياليت تكتبين لنا عربي والله اتحمس ادخل صفحتك يوميا

  22. Zainab says:

    خيااال ماشاءالله

  23. the beautiful fashion blogger I’ve ever seen . big kisses XOXO <3 <3 <3 <3

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