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What’s trending in foods right now? It’s important to know what you are adding to the healthy part of your diet to fulfill a thriving lifestyle. There are many foods that are overlooked when walking into a grocery store; these foods, which have endless benefits, should be added to your daily meals. We aim to enlighten you on cleaner foods that affect your overall wellness. Add any of these to your grocery list or preferably all, and i’m sure you will be able to whip up some good dishes for your family and friends to enjoy.

1- Avocados

Avocados are the greatest example of a superfood, as they contain almost 20 vitamins and minerals, from vitamin C to folic acid. There are many recipes to dive into, if you don’t enjoy the fresh fruit on its own. Avocados can be made into famous guacamole, added to your salads, or a simple avocado on toast.

2- Blueberries

Blueberries help the body fight inflammation; they’re super yummy, and can be juiced in a smoothie for you or  young ones. These berries are a great source of fiber, which helps your digestive system. Berries are usually added in most weight loss diets if you’re looking to trim your waistline. It’s also said that they help in memory loss! Grab a handful in the morning, or as a snack during the day.

3- Quinoa

This seed came into the spotlight a few years ago, and started trending all around the world. Well there is an absolute superb reason for that. This gluten- free seed has high iron, magnesium, and vitamin E. It has also been said that eating quinoa is helpful for controlling blood cholesterol levels. Quinoa can be cooked and added to salads, substituted for rice, indulged into a quinoa burger, or you can find limitless recipes on the internet to your taste. 

4- Sweet Potatoes

Your body converts these bright colored potatoes into the active form of vitamin A, which helps your eyes, bones and immune system. They’re also a great source of fiber, and very yummy: baked, glazed or roasted! 

5- Olive Oil

Olive oil should never leave the kitchen cupboards: that should be easy, since it’s the main ingredient of any good salad dressing. It’s a great source of Vitamin E, which helps in the risk of heart disease; also contains antibacterial properties. Drizzle on top of sauteed vegetables, add to your salads, or just use for everyday cooking.

6- Nuts

Nuts have always been a great snack, and most have nutritional benefits due to their high level of omega 3 and magnesium. The monounsaturated fats in these small wonders reduce the risk of heart disease. Choose from almonds, pine nuts, pecans or walnuts.They’re easy to be slipped into  a zip lock to take to work, or to be sent in your kid’s lunches. 

7- Salmon

Salmon, oh how we love this super fish! Rich in omega 3, and potassium, high in B-vitamins, and a great source of protein. Not to mention, cooked to perfection and should be available on any dinner table. Add some honey, garlic, butter to your salmon and enjoy this fish.   

8- Broccoli

Packed with vitamins and minerals-Vitamin A, C and K, broccoli is definitely known as a super food and might be the reason why parents have been trying to sneak this vegetable onto our plates. It’s great to boost your immune system, support healthy bones and joints, and support healthy brain function. Try a creamy broccoli soup, steamed broccoli, baked, or tossed into your salads. 

9- Spinach

All dark leafy greens are heaven to our bodies and packed with nutrients. Spinach contains Vitamin A, C, E and K as well as iron, fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium. Wow! Always keep this in your fridge. It is another great leaf for you girls trying to keep your figures in shape. Add spinach to your salads, stir in with your eggs, or make a creamy spinach soup if preferred. 

10- Yogurt

Yogurt contains probiotics, or known as the “good bacteria”. This is what helps get rid of bad or harmful bacteria entering our bodies. It’s also rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin B 12 and protein. There are many brands in the store, try to look for yogurts with “live active cultures.”

Please add a few of these superfoods to your next grocery store visit for healthy bodies and an attempt to a super lifestyle.


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