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Who is Noha Nabil?

Noha Nabil (born November 11, 1983), a Kuwaiti journalist and poet, is considered to be one of the most prominent and influential figures in social media. Major brands like Bourjois Paris, L’occitane, Versace, and Swarovski collaborated with the Kuwaiti fashion guru often as their first influencer from the Middle East. Her trailblazing work with these brands has pioneered a path to success for similar influencers. This entrepreneur mom has been unstoppable in her career with earned media value [EMV] in the year 2020 alone, which is 12.2 Million Euros. The study conducted by DMR Group was published in a recent article by Vogue Business designating Noha Nabil as by far the biggest influencer in the Arabic Middle East.

She studied chemical engineering at Kuwait University and graduated with honors in 2005. She joined the media world in 1992 as a presenter of a children’s program at Radio and Television Kuwait when she was only nine years old.

She was nominated to win the title of best presenter of children’s programs at Cairo Festival in 2000 at the age of 17. She was the first Kuwaiti female influencer to be documented through Snapchat and Instagram apps. She was honored in more than one forum for receiving the highest percentage of social media viewers and followers across the Middle East.

Since 2003, Noha has participated in several distinguished poetry evenings as Nabataean poet at Salalah`s Fall Festival, Bahrain Days Festival, Hala February Festival in Kuwait and Dubai Summer Festival.

She has presented many youth programs and a variety of other programs on Kuwait Channels, Kuwait AL Rai TV, Rotana Saudi Arabia, Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi UAE and Kuwait’s Al Watan.

She retired from media to work as an engineer after marrying her fellow engineer, Dr. Ibrahim, in December 2008. She is the sister of the TV presenter Nouf Nabil. She resurfaced as a fashion writer and has been working on her fashion blog since 2009.

Her first appearance after an absence was as a guest on The Raym Youth Show in September 2013. She returned to presenting programs in 2016, by presenting her own program called “Noha Live” on AL Rai Channel.

Noha Nabil is the first influencer in Kuwait with a total of 20 million followers on her social media channels. 

In 2022, Noha Nabil launched her eponymous makeup brand reflecting her appreciation for her heritage and the region. She’s also co-founded the clothing brand Eleven Eleven Fashion, catering to a sophisticated and stylish audience and launched fragrance brand, Retrouvailles Paris offering fragrances to complement every age, gender, and occasion, reminiscent of a place or a person. 

Her social clout and positive influence on women in the Arab world, encourage them to pursue their dreams. A popular choice for local and international luxury brands such as, Messika Jewellery, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Givenchy, Fendi, Armani, Ferri Firenze and Versace. Noha Nabil is trusted by her fans because of the example she’s set as mother, wife, entrepreneur and a social star who has used her platform to launch herself and the businesses she’s founded.

The Beginnings

Noha Nabil began her media career as a child when she was nine years old through a program called “Mama Anisa” in Kuwait radio, and quickly she drew attention with her intuition and intelligence and ability to read and shed poetry.

Noha was invited by Kuwait TV to be included in the list of presenters in 1995, as the youngest face of television on screen through her presentation of the famous program “Children’s TV”, which was its main anchor until its withdrawal in 2000 and her transition to present youth programs.

Al Rai TV

Noha Nabil is one of the first female broadcasters to join AL Rai TV, along with media names such as “Hessa Al Mulla”, “Faisal Al-Duwisan” and “Bassam Al-Othman.”  She had the responsibility of training young broadcasters before appearing on the air in the program “raykum shabab” which dealt with many meaningful social topics related to Kuwaiti youth.

Noha Nabil’s work in Rai TV continued for a year, through which she presented many successful programs such as raykum shabab,alfan wa ahla and Eid Evenings, before receiving an offer to present the popular artistic program “Najem alkhaleej” on Dubai TV in 2005.


Noha Nabil’s talent has exploded since a young age, especially since her grandfather Sheikh Habib al-Quraini, whom had published several books and literary works.

She participated in creative poetry competitions in middle school and won first place for two consecutive years. She published her first poem through the magazine “Different” in 2004 which led to her becoming the talk of media and journalism as the youngest popular poet at the time.

Her writings were characterized by the simplicity of singularity and wit, and then she participated in many poetry evenings in the most famous cultural festivals in the Arabian Gulf.
She was also honored through the Festival of AL mumayazoun of Al-Qabas newspaper as the best poet during that time.

Noha Nabil Diwan was published in 2015 entitled “melh alshaer ” in which she collected her most famous poems such as “Amana Ya Hamad”, “Sakuka”, “helm altofoula ” and others.

Marriage & Retirement

She married her colleague, Dr. Ibrahim Al Ali, in 2008, then decided to retire and devote herself full-time to her family and accompany her husband to obtain a master’s degree and doctorate in the United States of America with their son Mohammed. While living in the US, Noha Nabil gave birth to her daughter Danah, and her son Yacoub.  

Back in the limelight

Noha Nabil came back to the spotlight in 2013, with her fashion blog, by sharing her everyday life as a wife and mother in America, through Instagram and Snapchat;

Her Instagram page reached nearly one million followers during the first year, and she has been approached by clothing and fashion companies to advertise across her various platforms.

She was invited to visit the head office of Snapchat and Facebook companies, where her accounts were documented as the first Kuwaiti female influencer to be documented through social media platforms. “Spontaneity and dedication to work are the foundation of success; and love for people” My followers are part of my family and I have every appreciation for them because they are behind all this success,” says Noha Nabil in one of her television interviews.

Honors & Awards

Noha Nabil has won many awards and honors during her media career.

– The most influential character in the Arab world through AL mumayazoun festival in Ramadan for the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

– Selected from among the 5 most influential female figures in the Arab world through Forbes International magazine in 2017.

– Best Social Media Personality at The People of Art and Media Festival 2016, 2017, 2018.

– Honored as one of the most important figures at the top of the social media sites in Dubai 2016, 2017.

– At the 2023 World Influencers and Bloggers Awards (WIBA) she was honoured as Best Beauty Influencer

Honorable Events

Noha Nabil has been approached by renowned, international companies to cooperate, collaborate and advertise:

– The first Kuwaiti social media influencer to be officially invited to the Cannes Film Festival with Messika Jewelry House in 2018.

– The first Kuwaiti to walk on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival with a special invitation from The Geiger Swiss Watch House in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

– French “Bourgois” collaborated with Noha Nabil to launch her own collection of lipsticks in the first collaboration of its kind since the launch of the brand more than 200 years ago.

– Noha was the advertising face of Versace Middle East Jewelry 2019.

– Swarovski Jewelry House selected Noha Nabil as its first advertising face from the Middle East in 2019.

– Dettol International company collaborated with Noha Nabil as the first advertising face of social media pioneers 2018.

– Ibrahim Al Qurashi Perfumes launched an exclusive fragrance collection with beauty and fashion blogger Noha Nabil 2018.

– In 2019, Noha was awarded as the Best Social Media Influencer.

– Noha has been the host of New Year’s Eve consecutively for 2021, 2022 & 2023 which broadcasts on Dubai TV

– In 2023, Noha was honored with the prestigious WIBA Award for Best Content Creator in Beauty 

– She has been the host of the famous Al Raya Poet competition for the years 2022 & 2023.  


Social Services

Noha Nabil did not lose sight of her humanitarian views during her career. She led many charitable campaigns inside and outside Kuwait:

– Campaign support for those affected by the rains and floods that affected many families in Kuwait in 2018 and caused the demolition of many houses. The company Square Media, founded by Noha and her husband, Ibrahim provided support to nearly 200 affected families in Kuwait.

– Visiting and supporting Syrian refugees in Lebanese camps in cooperation with the United Nations and its Refugee Commissioners in 2017.

– Pay two dinars campaign to support education and the establishment of schools and educational institutes in countries including Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia.

– Supporting small entrepreneurs in the Gulf countries by posting free ads for them through social media sites.

-Pursuing women’s issues and claiming their right to education, housing and all social and political rights.

-Providing jobs for non-Kuwaitis in the fields of marketing, media and photography

-Supported the cause of a child called “Khadija” who had some complications during pregnancy due to an unknown virus. She then sent Khadija for treatment at the American Hospital in Beirut, but unfortunately the treatment was not successful.

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