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Ahlan Ramadan

 Welcome Ramadan ,

The ninth month on  the Arabic calendar when we Muslims fast all day long from the sunrise to the sunset . I’ll be fasting for a total of 15 hours everyday  which is not an easy mission in this crazy life style i have 🙂

Anyways, Ramadan has it’s own peaceful and beautiful atmosphere . It’s great to feel the hunger and pain of those who aren’t lucky enough to find their daily meals . It teaches us patience , grace and appreciation to what we have !

It’s a part in our tradition to have a reception for Ramadan back home in Kuwait where we wear our tradition local dresses we call ( Thoob or Dara’a ) . What I’m wearing here is an example of how a modern Dara’a will look like . This chic design is made by the talented designer Fatma Alduaij . You can find more of her lovely designs on her official Instagram Account .

Happy Ramadan Everyone ,

I’m wearing/

Fatma Alduaij : Dress 
Store and more : Turban 
UrbanOG : heels

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