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Boho & tulle

Hey guys ,

Mixing styles is always fun . You don’t really know what to expect when you combine different fashion styles to create a new different look . The uniqueness of trying new items and putting pieces together is always appreciated in the fashion industry .

Now this time I tried to add a cute piece to the Bohemian style I love to rock from time to time . I wore it with a tulle skirt ! I know this is not a thing that boho style’s fans usually do , but why not giving it a shot !?

I’m wearing /

H&M : Shirt
My little Attic : Tulle Skirt
Celine : Mini Luggage bag
Ebay : Belt
Bakers : Pumps 

6 thoughts on “Boho & tulle

  1. I am gonna get shot for this constructive feedback but you know that I love you and ur style 🙂

    ur a little on the bustier side so adding this wide belt with a natural waist skirt and a tucked in shirt like this makes u look a little heavier than u really are.

    I would suggest that u opt for a skinny belt or skip it all together and tie the shirt in the front.

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