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Summer Bronzer For A Sun-Kissed Vibe

It’s finally summer time, and we are ready to bring out our floral dresses, take a ride down to the beach, and begin to enjoy outdoor activities. But, best of all play with our tans,...

How To Cover Up Dark Circles

Have you recently had one of those sleepless nights, where even putting on a morning cold, eye mask isn’t just doing the trick? Then sometimes when we try to conceal our dark circles, they tend to...

Foundation For All Skin Types

One of the most important steps in our makeup routine is the application of the right foundation. The choice of weight, coverage, long lasting formulas, or oil-free satin finishes; all go into consideration when picking...

Body Scrubs For Smooth, Silky Skin

With summer here, let’s leave our dry skin behind and opt for polished, smooth skin to jump into upcoming vacations. Add a scrub to your showers to boost glow and remove impurities and buff away...

Guide to Vitamins in Skincare

What’s the deal with all the vitamins found in skin care products? There are many essential vitamins in your skincare, which play different roles to penetrate deep into your skin to achieve maximum results Depending...

Skin-Care Tools – What Are These Devices?

When searching for the ideal skincare routine, us girls come across various products, vitamins, and tools which we might not be certain of their actual usage or possible outcomes. The latest in skincare is always...

Shout Out To Your Moisturized Pout!

Keeping your lips soft, pink and healthy sounds like a one step routine; we are talking about that lip balm in your purse, duh? We have been speaking to a lot of girls who are...

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