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Chasing N01

Hello dolls,

I’ve always believed that you are what you aim for. If you wanted something so bad there is nothing and no one in this world that can stand in your way. Although I always feel good about my self no matter what, I’m always in a continuous challenge with my self to show the best of me. I want to be the best mother, wife, blogger and human being I can be! I keep repeating that to my self to do better every single day!

I know that it’s almost impossible to reach perfection but you can always chase your dreams and the best person you can be. I will continue dreaming big, working hard and doing my best in chasing position number 1 in which I will be proud of my self and so is everyone around me.


T-shirt Policy London : T-shirt
Target : Vest
Zara : Pants
American Eagle : Sunglasses
Givenchy : Tote
Chines Laundry : Pumps

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