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Happy NEW YEAR !!!

Hello Lovelies !

It’s 2013 YAAY ! The last year was full of craziness, hard work , adventures and lessons . Every year carries new days, new events and new experiences but the lessons we learn are what really matter!
I’m so lucky to have faithful followers who care and follow every step I take which makes me so proud and overwhelmed . 2012 was a great year for me personal and career wise as I did some amazing collaborations , worked with some great people and gained some new awesome followers . So I would love to take this chance to thank you guys for supporting me this past year and sharing your ideas and thoughts about my blog and style here or on instagram . Finally , I would love to send my regards for all the sponsors who gave me the honor of wearing their items and make me a part of their successful teams .

Speaking of Collaborations , I couldn’t be happier to end my year receiving a special treat from one of my favorite designers in the middle east, the beautiful Al Anoud Bader . This young lady made it far to the fashion industry by creating her own line of Jackets and Blazers under the name ” LADY FOZAZA”(available online at walk in closet q8 ) . To be honest with you I felt over the moon to get such a unique piece from her Holidays Collection as I’m a huge fan of her work , you can tell why by checking this awesome piece I’m wearing on NewYear’s eve ! It’s called the SKY FALL BLAZER.

Last night was so much fun with the family . It makes me feel great to gather with them and share our wishes and blessings for the new year . How was your new year’s eve ?

Wish You all A Happy 2013 !!!

I’m wearing /

Lady Fozaza : Sky Fall Blazer ( email : order@walkinclosetshop.com for international orders ) 
ZARA : top 

Forever 21 : Leggings
CHANEL : bag
Bakers : pumps

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