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Have you recently had one of those sleepless nights, where even putting on a morning cold, eye mask isn’t just doing the trick? 

Then sometimes when we try to conceal our dark circles, they tend to look cakey and overdone. So, what should we girls do, to look well-rested and well, natural? First of all, definitely invest in brightening eye creams and primers in gel forms. You need to choose a concealer with a yellow undertone to wipe out the purple color of those dark circles. Use a thin makeup brush and start at the inner corner of the eye, and pat gently to conceal while blending. Now, how should you choose the eye gel, perfect concealer and setting powder to make it last and not crease?

1. Eye Gel

Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior Eye Gel – Use this lightweight eye gel to visibly diminish the appearance of dark circles, and wrinkles around eyes. This dashing product from Kate Sommervile works wonders to conceal under-eye puffiness. It revitalizes plumpness and hydrates skin.

2. Corrector

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Corrector – Depending on your skin tone and your issue, you can choose one of Lancome’s camouflage correctors to achieve the perfect coverage underneath your concealer. They neutralize redness, brighten dullness and minimize the appearance of dark circles. 

3. Concealer

Bobbi Brown – Instant Full Coverage Concealer – A matte finish concealer from Bobbi Brown with full coverage to hide the deep hollows.. This under eye brightener is all you need to use after you prep the area with either Bobbi Brown’s hydrating eye cream, or if you prefer the above mentioned Kate Somerville. Blend it seamlessly into your skin.

Setting Powder

Becca Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder – Becca Cosmetics specially developed this brightening setting, in a lightweight soft powder, which sets color correctors and concealers in place. The translucent powder reflects light and keeps eyes looking naturally brightened all day.

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