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The Dream Jacket

Hello guys,

For a girl like me who is a mixture of fierce and girly, I’ve always dreamed of a piece that reflects my complicated personality! I’ve always wanted a biker jacket with a soft touch and only “Boda Skins” made my dream come true!

Look at this soft baby pink quilted Piece! It has everything I love in one item! The biker cut, the quilted details all in a cute pastel color! Now that’s a score!

I’m wearing /

Boda Skins : Pink Biker Jacket 
Mango : T-shirt
American Eagle : Jeans
Romwe : handbag
Charlotte Olympia : pumps 

2 thoughts on “The Dream Jacket

  1. Hi Noha,
    You look beautiful as always 🙂

    I want to thank you and let you know that you inspire me!
    I’m a chemical engineer too, living in the U.S,
    and I’m completing my graduate studies as well,
    and I’m married, so I do have a lot of responsibilities.

    I thought I did not have enough time for myself,
    to workout or do whatever I want to do
    but with time, I now realize that I can make time,
    and for that I wanted to thank you once again,
    you helped me organize my time better and sort my priorities.

    Aisha Alobaid 🙂

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