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The Tweed jacket

Hello guys,

Few hours are separating me from reuniting with my family in Kuwait and with all the crazy packing I’m doing, there was no enough time to take any new outfit posts. Today’s outfit was actually worn two weeks ago when the weather was sunnier and way warmer than now!

I love the chic sense in the tweed jackets. Always remind me of the CHANEL version and makes me feel chic yet sophisticated. Mounay is one of the really talented young designers in the middle east. I’m so in love with all the jackets she designs! The one I’m wearing is a mix of classic tweed jacket and a modern biker twist. So in love with this one.

The Next post will be from Kuwait I guess!

Enjoy the Holidays

I’m wearing/

Mounay : Jacket
AX : Skirt
ZARA : boots
TOPSHOP : Packbag 

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