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Tiger Fever

Finally some colors to brighten the day after a very cold winter !

I’m wearing /

Kenzo : Tiger sweatshirt
Topshop : peplum skirt
Jeffery Campbell : Shoes
Asos : Clutch
Vogue : Sunglasses

6 thoughts on “Tiger Fever

  1. ya 7yatienty fahma alfashion 3’alat,, hatha asma jnan msh fashion ely enty ga3d tswy, labsa jumbsuit ma3a tanora classic !!!! kef 9arat hay ? w alcolors no comment, ro7y 3ala lookbook website w shofy elnas el2aneqa wsh tlbs mo mthlk shfy ay shy w lbsty w 5alas fashion !!! raj3y nafsek ya 7elwa 3ashan masla7tek

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