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We can do it !

 Hey dolls , 
Growing up I was always fascinated by the “We can do it” poster  , also known as  “Rosie the Riveter” . This poster was made during the WWII as an inspirational image to boost worker morale and It also encourages woking women that no matter how hard it is they can actually do it . 

Today I recreated the hairstyle and the pose to deliver a short message to all the girls out there . I always get questions of how can I manage my time to be a mother, a graduate student and a fashion blogger . The answer is so simple : 1 ) Believe that you can do 2) Manage your time . If I could do it , you can do it too . You just don’t recognize that yet !

I’m wearing / 

Tripp NYC : Jacket 
Bershka : Top 
Forever21 : Jeans 
H&M : Shoes 
Clair’s : Headband 
Ivy Twist : Handbag 
Asos : Sunglasses

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